Charter schools drain on system

This past Sunday the Herald’s editorial staff promoted charter schools because “the schools are championed by the Obama Administration, and 41 other States allow them.” Both are hardly reasons for the voters of this state to vote for publically funded private schools. (Sunday, “Brainstorm school reform.”)

Research already proves that as a group charter schools do no better than public schools. Those few charter schools that do better than an average public school have selective admissions and an extended school day and school year for struggling students. The latter two could be done in our public school if a majority of our legislators were willing to provide a means of stable funding for our public schools to fund them at the level required by our state’s Constitution.

It makes no sense to strip funds from underfunded public schools to pay for private schools to educate a select group of students with taxpayer dollars, or as a way to profit private charter school companies. We have too much money leaving the classroom already for unnecessary tests which do nothing to improve education for struggling students.

Ken Hansen