Charters a boon for business only

This initiative is a trick to siphon tax dollars into businessmen’s pockets.

There is no “new” education in charters. There is no “innovation” exclusive to charters. In fact, charters do not offer anything not already available in public schools. And “success” is less in charters than in public schools.

But, oh, gosh, just like they sell us “new,” “improved,” “alternative” white bread and milk, Big Business is selling charters across the country. Evidence? Look at the top five I-1240 contributors as presented in their television ads: three retailers of electronic readers, a maker of software for those readers, and a venture capitalist. That is, Bezos of Amazon, Walton of Walmart, Gates of Microsoft, and Hanauer as venture capitalist.

These folks are looking to endlessly sell their products in schools. And they’re willing to venture advertising dollars to convince us to “save Washington kids” via their “new,” “improved,” “successful” stuff.

Four times already they’ve tried to foist charter schools on us. And they won’t stop so long as they see potentially huge sales of gadgets, software, and proprietary tests.

Don’t buy their malarkey. Charter schools remain a sham if not an outright scam.

Paul Heckel