‘Checklists’ need some checking

Two letters offering “checklists” in the Opinion section this week show stark differences in thought. I’m an Independent and remain close to center of the bell curve. However, when I read the two differences of opinion, one jumps out at me. Not for substance, but for tone and blind allegiance to the Democratic talking points. There’s a valid reason they don’t want people to watch Fox News and that’s because they don’t want others to get a counter point. There’s no more dishonest reporting at Fox than any other news channel. The one against Romney clearly shows just how the far left believe it needs to be done.

By resorting to immature name-calling and showing a complete lack of respect for dissenting opinion certainly won’t garner my respect or attention. It also validated one of the points in the Obama checklist, “Believe that denigrating others makes you look better.” It was rather comical to read though.

Jake Conroy