Church news is valued by readers

We are just wondering if anyone else has noticed the gradual disappearance of the Spiritual Life pages in The Herald. When the pages of the paper were made smaller, the Spiritual Life section suddenly went from two pages to one. That’s only on Saturdays, once a week. Two weeks ago the section could hardly be found because the heading was halfway down the paper. Last Saturday the heading was missing altogether.

Does anyone else remember when we had a whole “religion” section every week? It included articles of inspiration and information about what was happening in area churches, as well as articles about religion around the world.

We did a quick count in the phone book and found well over 400 churches in our county. Surely we could have a little more reporting about what is happening in the churches than one page per week! There are a lot of good things happening in our communities that are happening through the churches, and this would be some positive news that we could all use.

We also think we could use some inspirational columns. This would not take a lot of extra reporting time. We once tried calling The Herald about an activity that our church was involved in, but we were told that the reporters were too busy covering sporting events. Surely 400-plus churches have the right to get their news printed just as well as all the ball teams.

Tom and Hennie Slotemaker

Lake Stevens