Circle the wagons

Your choice: stop and go or round and round: The state Department of Transportation plans to build a mock-up of a traffic circle at Monroe’s Evergreen State Fairgrounds on Monday so drivers of cars, trucks and buses can take a spin and see what

a roundabout planned for U.S. 2 will be like.

Those who object to traffic circles and don’t wish to participate in the “roundabout rodeo” will be invited to a big field at the fairgrounds to play a rousing game of “Red Light, Green Light.”

That used car smell: High gas prices and shrinking inventories of new cars are pushing up the value of used economy cars, such as three-year-old Toyota Priuses and Ford Escapes up, sometimes higher than their original sticker price.

American and Japanese automakers, with a renewed focus on giving the customer what they want, announced that next year’s new car lines will actually be used cars. And Ford will change its motto to: “You have driven this Ford lately.”

This will take your mind off the high price of gas: Scientists in Vancouver, B.C., have discovered drug-resistant staph bacteria being carried by bedbugs. As yet there is no evidence the bedbugs actually spread the MRSA germ, but scratching an itch can break the skin and make people susceptible to infection.

Yes, you can go ahead and scratch right now. Just do it gently.

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