Cities need good volunteers like you

I signed up for the “Everett Police Department Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Volunteer Activities.” I am looking forward to giving many hours a month, although you can give as little as a few hours a month! Great police officers, and of course the other volunteers.

Again, it is a volunteer activity and your pay is the giving back to the community. You are trained on what to do, for:

— Vacationers who are away and want their houses checked.

— School zone patrols

— You are out and about in the community representing the Everett PD.

If you are assigned to the vacation house checks, you will be driving an official car.

It is something that can fill part of your time and enjoy the camaraderie that you will establish, and talking with citizens of the community. Check it out at: 425-257-7519, or

Cities need good volunteers like you!

Sam Cheyne