Citizens trying to discuss civics

As to Sunday’s letter regarding a resolution in the Lowell Civic Association’s April Newsletter (“Newsletter is no place for politics”), I am the person who submitted the resolution. I also brought copies to the April meeting and distributed them to members present. Because there was not a quorum, however, no vote was taken. I intend to propose the resolution again in May.

This does not constitute an attempt to “take over our neighborhood.” In fact, having served as chair of the Lowell Civic Association for three years, I have no desire to put myself in that particular hot seat again. It does, however, constitute civic involvement on my part, that is, in my opinion, completely appropriate to the venue of LCA. Indeed, I believe discussions of the U.S. Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision, “Corporate Personhood” and “Money as Speech” are appropriate wherever two or more concerned citizens may be gathered together.

As has happened before, the writer and I find ourselves in disagreement. I would welcome the opportunity to debate the question with her and other members of the LCA at the May meeting, should time allow for it.

I am, however, very sorry to have startled the poor woman.

Jackie Minchew