City circumvents will of the people

Regarding the article, “Monroe to appeal ruling on traffic camera initiative”: Buckle up, Monroe residents, we are being taken for a ride.

After putting together the pieces of this puzzle, I am deeply disturbed to find out that the Monroe City Council has gone above and beyond in its efforts to stomp on our rights to vote on an initiative regarding the future of the cameras.

This issue was supposed to go to ballot for a vote, but the council threw it out, even after the proper channels were followed to add it to the ballot.

The city fought this in court. Ultimately, the court ruled that the city of Monroe acted illegally when it blocked the initiative, and ordered the city to pay legal fees for Seeds of Liberty, a small group fighting for our rights.

In a closed-door executive session, the council decided to appeal the judge’s decision. They held this meeting in an inner room, excluding the public who waited in the main meeting room, thereby not allowing any public input.

Why is the city of Monroe working so hard to block our rights to vote on this issue?

Why is the cash-strapped city spending more of our tax money to appeal the judge’s decision? They say it’s to recover legal fees from the group.

Mayor Robert Zimmerman called the lawsuit to protect our rights a “frivolous lawsuit.”

I recently discovered that Seeds of Liberty is a local family, who have more and more on the line every time the city throws taxpayer money around defending itself while violating taxpayer rights.

Way to go, Monroe!

Shanna Clothier