City makes it hard to help homeless

A few weeks ago we read about the hundreds of people who are homeless on our streets. Many of these people without a home of their own were not counted, because they were sleeping on someone’s family room floor, or spare bedroom. Every day we see more foreclosure notices in the paper, each one means another family is moved from their home.

Some of us have old motorhomes sitting empty in our yards. Some have camping trailers and pickup campers. Some of us, with compassion, will allow a family or a homeless person to temporarily live in such a vehicle. Providing an electrical outlet or a water faucet at no charge.

Now comes the city. You can’t do that in the city of Everett. It is against the law to live in a trailer, camper or motorhome inside the city. You must be in a trailer court. “Someone has a friend or relative who owns such a court.” Maybe?

In any event, the homeless people are put back out on the street where they can sleep under highway overpasses or under bridges.

If the city really has to do something, make it constructive and build some public bathrooms, where these people could get clean and shower once a week. Instead of locking down the few public facilities in the parts at 10 o’clock at night. Compassion is something the city fathers do not have.

Bob Dahlgren