Cleaning up in Eastern Washington

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Squeaky clean image: Soap Lake, the Eastern Washington town that earlier proposed erecting a giant lava lamp to promote tourism, is now considering a name change to Lake Smokiam, a Salish Mid-Columbian Indian term that reportedly means “healing waters.”

Soap Lake is just a medical marijuana dispensary away from being called the Wallingford of Eastern Washington.

“CSI: LSMFT”: A federal judge has blocked a Food and Drug Administration requirement that tobacco companies redesign their cigarette packaging to include graphic photos, including corpses and autopsies, along with the current warnings about smoking.

The judge said he understood the FDA’s aim to discourage smoking, but said the images violated a copyright held by all three “CSI” television series.

Air Force Done: The Pentagon has mothballed a laser-equipped Boeing 747 after 15 years and $5 billion in an attempt to develop an airborne missile defense system, the victim of military budget cuts. The 747 will be stowed at a military boneyard near Tucson, Ariz.

While its research life is over, look for the 747 as the airborne hideout of a madman bent on world domination in the next James Bond film.