Clearly, Hamas is set on genocide

Regarding the two July 26 letters about the Mideast, “Victim details speak loudly” and “Israel right to do whatever it takes.”: The first letter has it backward in blaming Israel and accusing them of wanting to wipe out a race. It is Hamas that wants to wipe out the Jewish people. The second letter explained why the Palestinians have a higher death rate, which responds to a question in the first letter: “What did Hamas do and why? Hamas moved women and children into homes, schools and mosques from which they launched rockets and then blamed Israel for killing civilians.” And national TV reported that Hamas also is asking civilians to go into dangerous areas and houses as well as on rooftops. Why? Same reason, so they will get killed while Hamas hides in up to 31 tunnels to fire their rockets at Israel, which they reportedly get from Iran and maybe, Russia. Hamas wants to destroy the Jewish race, as have Stalin, Hitler, Arabs and other cultures.

What was not mentioned is how Israel defensively uses the “Iron Dome,” which they learned about and obtained from the U. S. It is a system much like the Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules, that I worked with, that the U.S. used in the 1950s near cities and military sites in the U.S. and Canada to defend ourselves, if necessary, against Russia during those times. Iron Dome uses tracking radars on Hamas incoming and Israeli anti-missiles along with a computer to destroy the incoming missiles. It works. That is why the there is a difference in the death rates. What I don’t know is why so cultures have wanted to destroy the Jewish race the last couple of thousand years. Anybody know?

Norm Kosky

Camano Island