Column an insult to true civil rights

Julie Muhlstein’s Sunday column attacking John Koster’s vote on funding the Seattle Men’s Chorus shows how out of touch she is with many county citizens.

Comparing the gay agenda with the honoring of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is an insult to true civil rights. And nobody is going to boycott Snohomish County because they didn’t subsidize the Seattle Men’s Chorus.

I am also insulted by Ms. Mulstein’s implying that those of us who share Mr. Koster’s view are like the Taliban. The government is not telling us what art to enjoy just because it doesn’t subsidize it. There are many art projects that don’t receive government funding. The Seattle Men’s Chorus is free to put on a performance and those interested are free to attend. Why should the government dictate to me what events it should use my tax contributions for? From a purely economic sense, there must be more productive ways to promote tourism.

The comparison to playwright Tennessee Williams is ridiculous. The Seattle Men’s Chorus is not just a group of artists who happen to be gay; it is also an advocacy organization for the gay agenda.

I am tired of those pushing gay rights calling anyone who objects “hateful” and “narrow-minded” as Ms. Muhlstein did. Who is the real bigot here?

Dennis Russell