Columnist needs stronger stance

Furious, disappointed, incredulous — those words barely describe my reaction to reading Julie Muhlstein’s Sunday column “Gay marriage opponents not afraid to gather signatures.” At one point, she expresses her view, “I believe that all adults in this country have the right to legal marriage.” This she sees as separate from religious recognition of marriage. That is exactly how our own Legislature voted to see it when it extended legal equality to all — all of its citizens.

Yet, in her attempt to appear open to the political process, she applauds those who openly oppose this view. She goes even further by using her column to advertise their attempts with the places to obtain petitions or signatures. Rather than trying to convince these folks of the injustice that they are perpetuating, she coddles their effort in print for the public to view. At best, this is politically naïve.

Frankly, I enjoy Julie when she brings to light aspects of the community or work of contributing citizens that I miss. However, this misjudgment on her part is huge. I wonder if she realizes how this particular column has stoked the fires of controversy rather than adding light and hope to the lives of our gay and lesbian citizens who have long borne social persecution and injustice.

Joan Smith