Comcast Arena lands show not to be named

Leland Dart, the one-man news team at, reported this week what should be good news: Comcast Arena booked a big gig. The event, The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, is scheduled for Sept. 7 and 8. Dart was unable to get arena officials to confirm his report, despite the fact that tickets are being sold for the show. Why the coyness?

The Cannabis Cup (trademarked and all that), sponsored by High Times magazine, is in its 18th year. It’s a two-day trade show/EXPO with indoor and outdoor vendor booths, seminars on all-things cannabis, and nighttime entertainment, among other attractions. Much like a home and garden show, which these days all tend to include wine tasting…

With the legalization of medical cannabis in many states, and now recreational marijuana in two states, the huge Cannabis Cup gathering is no longer confined to Amsterdam, where it was held until 2010. It’s now been held twice in Seattle, and last year in Denver — where more than 40,000 people attended.

Landing this legal, very-by-the-book event, is a coup for Everett and the struggling Comcast Arena, so the failure to acknowledge that it’s even happening seems odd. (No mention on the Comcast Arena website.)

Is the reluctance related to the fact that the city of Everett has long designated medical marijuana businesses as “nuisances”? (As opposed to those non-nuisance businesses, like bikini barista stands …)

Regardless of the reason for the reticence, could the Cannabis Cup really be more controversial than the heavily promoted Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus that comes later in September?

Guess we will have to wait and see if protesters take to the sidewalk outside…

Let’s confirm or deny some more headlines:

Are smart glasses really a thing that’s happening?”: Like, you know, who knows where this verbiage started? Regardless, can we please stop this annoying practice of asking if something is “really a thing”? Because at the end of the day, it’s really a thing that caught on, big time.

Millennials spend big bucks on these vices”: And those vices would be: Coffee, alcohol and fast food. Oh. My. Gosh. Who can keep up with these wild kids and their crazy fads?

What’s up with that: Why does your dog seem to know what time it is?”: Likely because they have precise internal clocks, just as they have their own internal MapQuest that puts any direction-giving alogrithm to shame. And it’s not just that canines know when it’s “suppertime,” as Snoopy often demonstrated. They can tell time. If you walk your dog in 30-minute increments, he or she will let you know in no uncertain terms that you still have 10 minutes to go, if you have the audacity to try and stop at the 20th minute.

(Dogs also know when your favorite show begins, and wait for that moment to demand to be let in/out, or start barking, etc.)

Why are all these Turkish women laughing in public?”: Because Turkey’s deputy prime minister (seriously) told women not to laugh in public. Hahahaahah. Civil disobedience doesn’t get any better than that.

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