Comfy and cozy

Comfy and cozy

New products let kids customize their drab school lockers with posh fittings such as carpeting and chandeliers.

The decorations not only makes the lockers more attractive, but also a lot more comfortable for any nerdy freshmen who might get stuffed into one.

The secretary will disavow your actions: A prominent Google executive has been handed a challenging new assignment: take over as CEO of chronically troubled Yahoo Inc..

Five seconds after Marissa Mayer accepted the position, the hidden recording device that offered it self-destructed in a cloud of smoke.

Is our babies learning? The company that sold Your Baby Can Read products is going out of business, claiming it can no longer afford to fight complaints that its ads were false and its products bogus.

But for parents who still want the best for their infants, The Buzz is happy to announce its new line of “genius baby” products: Your Baby Can Figure Out Why Mitt Romney Won’t Release His Tax Returns.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff