Companies need to bring jobs here

We all know that in this economic crisis there is a shortage of jobs in the United States. An even bigger problem beyond the shortage of jobs is the issue of U.S factories being located overseas. Major companies, like Nike and Apple, have their factories built overseas so they don’t have to pay the workers very much to make their product. These factories overseas are hiring people for extremely low pay and unfair working conditions.

It may cost a significant amount of money to build the factories in the U.S., but it would benefit Americans because it would create jobs in the United States. Why can’t major companies start building their factories in the U.S. so we can start tackling the issue of a shortage of jobs?

Why do the major companies have to pay the people with lower economic standing in other countries ridiculously low wages when they are working so hard for such little pay? These factories should start being built in the United States.

Emily Schneider