Conservative letters dominate

Does The Herald have a conservative slant to the choosing of letters to the editor? There seems to be a pattern to the letters that are on governmental issues. Many of the letters are along the basic themes of curmudgeonly about wasteful spending by the government.

Another portion are devoted to the various anxieties about gun control and second amendment issues. A portion of letters refer to other rights issues such property rights, privacy rights, and other rights that people think the government is taking away. I read letters with the constant drumbeat of paranoia about “the government takeover of health care” and concerns about the health-care bill not being read by the lawmakers who voted for it.

Then we get a smattering of opinions that are more center to left (and I do mean a smattering). Was there that much letter writing about the erosion of our rights when President Bush and the Republicans pushed the Patriot Act through Congress without it being read?

Was there that much in the way of concerned letters printed about wasting our tax dollars in Iraq (off budget of course) to the tune of hundreds of billions?

I think there is an honesty gap in the “liberal media” and it is the opposite of liberal. Maybe I’m wrong, but that doesn’t stop you from printing letters from the “right side” of wrongness.

Tom Robert