Conservatives finally have hero

Sometimes, it seems to some conservatives that they’re all alone. There is no one to fight the good fight with them, no one to help them hold the line for freedom from government control. We live in a deep blue state, where even the Republicans are left of center. We often have to look to other states for conservative heroes.

We see Congressman Allen West of Florida, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and they’re inspired, but rarely is there a hero at home to look up to. This is the political reality of Washington conservatives, but we have reason to take heart this election year.

There is a man running for governor in Washington who has conservatives excited, motivated and ready to dig in for a fight. His name is Shahram Hadian. He’s running with the motto of “Courageous Leadership.” The courage to speak the truth about overspending in a state that is hemorrhaging money due to inefficiency, special left wing interests and the influence of public unions; the courage to stand up for conservative values such as protecting traditional marriage in a state where even Republicans have publicly voiced support for the same sex marriage bill; courage to protect the unborn and the elderly in a state that cherishes abortion and has legalized euthanasia. Washington is in desperate need of people like Shahram Hadian, an ordinary citizen who puts principle before popularity, before convenience and even before party.

There is a simple but profound lesson for conservatives in Shahram Hadian’s campaign: You are not alone. After all, the founders of our great Republic also took a stand based on nothing more than that one little word: Principle. So do not fear! Take heart, be courageous and remember, you’re not standing alone.

R. Clayton Strang