Constitution, not Bible, base for law

Regarding the letter, “Lack of spanking is the problem”: Once again one of your writers refers to what the Bible says. Spanking children, marriage, abortion, etc., should all be based on the teachings of the Bible!

Have we not been reminded enough times yet that the laws of this country are based on the Constitution, and not the Bible? I recall there is something in the Constitution that also refers to the separation of church and state. Have we become so self-absorbed with our personal beliefs that the laws of the land no longer matter? That now the politicians refer to the Bible while on the campaign trail? This is just plain wrong.

What people consider to be morally right is based on their personal feelings, usually from their upbringing. Most often, this comes from whether or not they believe in the Bible. There are those who still believe that we are a Christian nation, and that is that! But what about those who are not Christian, and choose to follow another religion? Should their beliefs become law? Where then does it end?

Linda Varon