Costly energy lacks real power

I must comment on your Thursday article “Homeowners using grants for solar swap.”

The fact is that solar energy does not save anyone anything, and worse, we taxpayers are on the hook for most of the cost.

The article states it will take eight years for a solar installation to pay for itself, and that includes all the local, state and federal “tax breaks” and “grants.”

The panels in this example cost $40,000. The “tax breaks” and “grants” totaled $28,000.

That money came directly from the pockets of the taxpayer.

The article states that solar power may produce up to 5,800 watt hours at its most productive, in the middle of the summer, on a day full of sunshine. Production at night and on rainy/cloudy days? Zero, or nearly zero.

This is just barely enough power to run a microwave, a hairdryer, a TV and a few fans. It is not nearly enough power to run an electric clothes dryer, a range, and anything else at the same time. Most houses have a 200-amp service and are capable of handling a 20,000-watt-hour load and they can do it 24 hours a day.

There has been far too much undeserved adulation of solar, wind, tidal and other forms of “green” power. The fact is, they are very expensive, they cannot produce baseline amounts of power and the only thing “green” about them is the money being extracted from the taxpayer’s pocket which is going to the many lobbyists, subsidized industries and other scammers who are feeding on those government (taxpayer) subsidies and the Snohomnish PUD.

I request that The Herald publish both sides of this debate. Have an qualified engineer who is neutral in this debate actually collect and publish the numbers. Let’s do the math. Let’s see what comes out of the pipe.

Kenneth W. Weigel