County project created to help

We applaud two dedicated music teachers who recently raised their voices on this page to save music education in our state: Ramona Hoff, “Make voices heard to save music programs,” and Brenda Ehrhardt, “All students need music education.”

However, we can’t expect music teachers by themselves to take on the crusade to keep music in the schools. It will take people from every segment of our community and a coordinated effort to turn around the tendency for many to think that arts education is non-essential.

That’s why the Snohomish County Music Project was created. The Music Project adopts a three-prong strategy that includes building demand among children, increasing awareness in the community and helping schools grow the capacity to deliver music education.

As a step toward increasing awareness of the importance of music education, may we present a list of things that students learn in orchestra, choir and band programs (little of which is measured with current testing): self-confidence; ethical and aesthetic values; discipline; creativity; organization and time coordination; spirit of solidarity and fraternity; awakening of sensibility; value of teaching others; self-esteem; empathy; personality; leadership; learning principles; sense of commitment; responsibility; generosity; dedication to others; a sense of individual contribution to collective goals; a noble identity; intellect; perseverance; punctuality; the ethic of self and community improvement; goal setting; hand/eye/ear coordination. And don’t forget math fractions.

Please visit us at for information about how to become involved with this cause.

Roger Pawley

Executive Director

Snohomish County Music Project

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