County services just fine, thanks

Regarding the Monday article, “Bothell still wants to grow”: It just amazes me that the city of Bothell is going to throw away taxpayer money in these tough economic times by submitting paperwork to put its annexation on the April 17 special election ballot. What part of no don’t they get?

All we hear from Mayor Mark Lamb is how taxes would go down and how we would receive better services from the city of Bothell. Is the mayor saying that Bothell has better police services than the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office? How can that be, when the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office has more manpower, resources, programs, and a substation in Mill Creek.

As far as the tax reduction goes, why not paint a full picture for the voters instead of giving them an incomplete painting? New taxes would be imposed on property owners, which would offset some of the savings in taxes that we keep hearing we would get if the annexation were to be approved. Why not be forthright and give the voters a “real” dollar amount saved in taxes after the new taxes are factored in, as opposed to just saying taxes will go down.

The story line from the city of Bothell never changes and I for one have no issue with any of the services I am currently receiving from Snohomish County, it could not get any better! It makes no sense to vote for an annexation that provides fewer services and imposes new taxes.

Frank Marino