Cowardly to stop general’s speech

This should come as no surprise, but political correctness is alive and flourishing at the Military Academy at West Point. The prestigious Military Academy canceled a speech that was to be given by retired Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin. West Point invited the retired general to speak at the Academy’s National Prayer Breakfast on Feb. 8. In deference to several left-leaning organizations, however, including the ACLU, the academy buckled and decided it was in the best interests of West Point to revoke the invitation.

Granted, the general has been critical of Islam, but to deny his appearance before the Corps of Cadets is shameful. Cadets should be exposed to a variety of different perspectives, including religion.

According to these “politically correct” groups, the general’s past remarks regarding Islam were “incompatible with Army values” and would “put our troops in danger.” Danger from who, may I ask? Certainly not Islam.

Once again, we tend to take a “bended knee” approach when it comes to our principles and values. Heaven forbid we offend someone.

The good news is the United States Military Academy will feature another (non-controversial) speaker for the Prayer Breakfast. Is this a great country … or what!

Boyce Clark