Curbing federal spending first step

Both political conventions are now behind us. I hope you followed both to uncover your own political alignment. I doubt very much many people were moved. Watching the various correspondents was comic relief for me. Watching Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow say the GOP convention was a failure and the DNC Convention was a home run, now that was enlightening. Did anyone actually think that Eugene Robinson would call the RNC a smashing success? Did anyone actually think that Sean Hannity would consider the DNC a huge win? Is our voting populace that ignorant? Scary thought.

Sad to say — these same media giants will, over the next 60 days, convince people (the ones who won’t bother to think) to vote their side of the ticket. Those who support abortion rights (on demand and on the taxpayers’ dime) will never vote Republican and conservatives will never vote for government mandated health care. Atheists will not vote for anything that supports the Christian theology. Why this continues to be considered headline news continues to befuddle my view of the American public. There are, however, many truths that remain.

Confiscating the income of the rich won’t counteract our propensity to overspend, socializing our industries won’t provide equal access, redistributing our wealth won’t solve our perceived income disparity, nationalizing our energy won’t reduce fuel costs, investing multiple levels higher in education won’t provide better education. Any promise (and our president made many) is an empty promise and any of you who voted based on these are fish in a stagnant pond. There is one single truth in all this. Spending less than we bring in will benefit our nation in the long run and return us to prosperity. Treating our enemies like enemies and our friends like friends will make the world safer for us as Americans. Pick the party which will do that the fastest.

Don R. Thompson

Lake Stevens