Current care costs more than reform will

Why are some people so against health-care reform? We should all know that it is needed. When the uninsured clog the emergency rooms of the hospitals, that cost is passed on to the paying public. Do they think reform will cost too much? The cost of health care currently is $2.3 trillion a year. It was projected to go to $3.1 trillion by 2012 and to $4.3 trillion by 2016. That’s if nothing was done. That’s four times the cost of reform.

So I’m wondering why they think the cost would be too much. It certainly won’t cost what we are spending on the war in Iraq. I would think that any thinking person could figure it out. Or is it just a political thing? Is one side mad that they didn’t get it done in the last eight years? I just want Congress to work for the people and stop fighting like kids on a playground.

Bonnie Haugen