Cycle of crime leads to one place

Wouldn’t you just love to smash your fist through the nearest clock, grab the second hand and slam it backwards from the direction it was going? Well, that is exactly what we, as a species, must do, in almost every aspect that can be imagined.

First, we need to legalize drugs and make them free, so people can afford food to eat and have money to pay the rent. (That’s a joke.) When it comes to drugs though, why are the legal ones advertised on TV and invented, all over the world, by the multi-thousands, and there only seven or eight that are illegal? Because these policies feed the monstrosity known as the criminal justice system, that’s why!

I’m pretty sure I’ve come to a rather grim conclusion; there is only one hope for the poor, homeless, hungry and underprivileged people in our country (and the rest of the world) — coed prisons, locking men and women up together, so we can breed more criminals! (That’s a joke too, it’s just not funny.

Christopher L. Brown

Mount Vernon