Daily dose of humor needed

Some people just do not have any sense of humor … one person wants to get rid of The Buzz. The Buzz is the very first thing I read and I miss it, if it isn’t there. I think many people enjoy the humor, I know I do. In light that we read stories about the recent Snohomish County tragic disaster mudslide taking out lives, children, housing, life collections, immediate loss of everything in a few minutes is heartbreaking. Then we are questioned about a large jet flight 370 and all 239 people on board all disappearing, vanished, a mystery in itself, disaster. We have serious matters in the Ukraine, possible war … and it goes on and on. We need The Buzz … and some cheerful news. I also read the comics, and I look forward to Larry Simoneaux, column. Thank you for publishing the letters to the editor, I support your paper and like to turn pages when I read.

Sherry Bonnett

Camano Island