Danger requires constant defense

On Monday, it took many of us hours to get home. My 35-mile drive took almost four hours due to, in succession, a five-car fender bender on east I-90; a rollover that closed two lanes of north 405 at SE 8th; another earlier accident at 160th on I-405 (a real hot spot); and then a double fatality on Highway 522. On a clear, dry afternoon, no less.

What makes me most angry are the drivers who refuse to pay attention, maintain their vehicles and/or drive as if theirs is the only destination that matters while assuming the rest of us can read their minds. These jackasses hurt and kill people in too-preventable crashes.

Due to actually witnessing the following offensive driving tactics and a few frightening experiences at the hands of other drivers in the last few decades, I feel the need to assume that 90 percent of other vehicles on the road are driven by a drunk, stoned, texting, eating, make-up applying, child-tending, tweeting, selfie-taking, sleep deprived, late-running, nail-polishing, dashboard musician, angry, lost moron, in order to make it anywhere safely.

We, as individuals, are our own best defense when it comes to driving safely.

Margaret Gibson


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