Death, injury of kids preventable

This world sure seems crazier than normal lately. The highway patrolman who was killed for no apparent reason, the “accidental” shooting of a child by a kid with a loaded gun in his backpack and of course, the truly psychotic story of a demented, sexually-perverted father killing his two boys with a hatchet and blowing up the house.

If the boy had a loaded gun in his backpack that means he knew where it was kept and he took it without anyone noticing. It means the gun wasn’t locked up properly and was left loaded with a bullet in the chamber. It would be an injustice if the gun’s owner isn’t found guilty of helping to critically wound this little girl.

Four days before Josh Powell killed his children a report was released that spoke of sexually deviant cartoon images found on his computer. These were images of demented and perverted acts, along with some very disturbing dialog. So the question is why didn’t someone pick up the phone and decide not to let Josh Powell visit his children? Why would someone think its OK for this man to visit his children, especially in light of mom’s murder case?

It’s no stretch to assume mommy found out about dad’s perverted lifestyle but sadly, no one will ever know. I wonder if anyone in the circle of knowledge feels guilty because they had at least four days to prevent the death of these two children.

Ken Hopstad

Lake Stevens