Deep gratitude for return of lost ring

I was reminded recently that there are good people among us. They may go unnoticed but do kind things just because it’s the right thing to do and are not recognized. On Dec. 7, after washing dishes, I noticed my pinky ring was not on my finger. In a panic, I started looking down the drain figuring it had come off in the soapy water. Nothing. I then began to search my entire house retracing that morning’s routine. Tearing apart my bed, the car, everyplace and everything I has done at home that day. Still nothing.

As I continued looking, with my son’s help, I began to weep and have an anxiety attack. This small ring was one of only a few pieces of jewelry given to me by my husband, Jim, who died in 2011. To think that I had lost my ring was nearly overwhelming to me. Where could it possibly be? Thursday I had only been two places, the bank during the day and then to Haggen’s that night. Thinking only the worst, that had it been found, and with the price of gold, it would be gone forever.

I mustered the courage to call the Haggen’s store in Arlington and asked the person in customer service if perhaps a ring had been turned in to lost and found. She said “I’ll check,” would you please hold? After a short time the woman came back and said “could you describe it, please”? My heart jumped into my throat and I said yes, it’s a small gold ring with gold nuggets in a circle. To my complete surprise the woman said, “Yes, we have your ring!” I jumped into my car and went to the Arlington Haggen’s and asked for the woman that I had spoken to on the phone. I told her I was the one who had called about the lost ring, she asked again for me to describe it and went to the safe. By then I was in tears, she came to the counter with my little pinky ring. I asked if I could leave a small reward, she said, “Oh, no, the people in Arlington are wonderful, no need for a reward.”

So to the person who found my ring and turned it in without a thought, I say “thank you, so much, whomever you are.” I am forever grateful and will try to pay your kindness forward!

With deepest gratitude,

Rebecca Ruhoff