Deep gratitude to all supporters

I wish to sincerely thank my patrons, staff and many friends of the Olympic Theatre for all their support and patronage the past 37 years of my ownership and operation of the theater here in Arlington. In particular, I wish to thank Will Frankhouser for his web expertise and creation of “Save the Olympic” group, as well as all those also involved in the group.

I especially want to note Janelle Wilton and the Saddle Uppers horse meet-up group, to whom I am extremely grateful for all the their group’s extensive efforts in making an amazing movie fund-raising event last spring very successful and fun.

I also want to thank Andy Anderson for his theater handiwork, and appreciate all the people who volunteered extensive time and effort toward the goal of keeping the theater operating. I truly thank all those who donated funds toward the now-required digital projection equipment in these difficult economic and challenging times. Mere words cannot express my gratitude to you all.

Movies on film format have ended. With no digital transition, and after 37 years of continuous operation, it is time for me to retire. The recently formed non-profit group, The Olympic Theatre Foundation, have all the donated funds, and, as I understand, are still seeking a solution. I remain hopeful that soon another dedicated person, or group will take the Olympic Theatre on forward into the future in this new era of movie exhibition.

Norma Pappas

Olympic Theatre