Deep gratitude to caring volunteers

Some folks may say that Sultan is just another small town, but all of the residents of Cherry Hills Mobile Home Estates Park will tell you different. Sultan is the most amazing town of wonderful people anywhere.

When we had our shocking ice storm last week, many of us were home bound and not able to clear our carport roofs of all the ice that was threatening to cause serious problems to our homes and lives.

We wish to express our deep appreciation to all of the members of the City Emergency Response Team who volunteered their time and labor to come and clear the icy snow from our carport roofs before serious damage could occur. Many of them came right to work here after finishing their own jobs for the day. It was hard work and they performed it well. They spent days here completing all that had to be done.

To all those CERT members who are our own townspeople volunteers — including Police Chief Jeff Brand, Mayor Carolyn Eslick and Bob Martin with the fire department — we salute you and say thank you for making Sultan a great place to live, where people really care about each other.

Larry Woods

Manager, Cherry Hills Mobile Home Estates