Deep thanks to rescuers, taxpayers

Please let me express my sincerest, heartfelt, thanks to all taxpayers.

I had a bad fall a couple weeks ago (tree vs. me — the tree won) and sustained life-threatening injuries. (June 19 brief, “Woman seriously injured cutting tree with chain saw.”) Ten firefighters responded to rescue, treat injuries, prepare a helicopter landing site, and transport. (The helicopter was delayed.) I am alive and recovering. This is due to the rapid, professional, and compassionate response from the Monroe Fire Department and the support of every person who voted for the EMS levy.

As a Seattle firefighter and former teacher, I have always been a public servant. I know who pays my salary; and I work hard to do a good job, support local business, and volunteer in my community. I have never taken taxpayers for granted as my employer. But I did forget about the other side, the receiving end. It’s tough to pay even a “little” bit extra on the tax bill when money is so tight, especially for a service you’ll hopefully never use. I appreciate every person who voted yes on the EMS levy … not because you saved my job … you saved my life.

People call firefighters heroes. We love Superman. What about Clark Kent? Every person who called to check in, sent a card or flowers, brought food by, kept us in their thoughts and prayers; and the silent, hard-working taxpayers who support public safety. You are my hero!

Jeanna Setera Hopkins