Defeat Obama, repeal new tax

Given the result of the Supreme Court upholding Obama’s health care law, it is clear that what needs to happen is that we need to get Congress to repeal it ASAP because it is going to cost far more than we were led to believe. In fact, nobody in Congress even read the thing before voting on it and as such those who voted on it did so blindly without knowing what was in it and some have admitted they now regret having voted in favor of it.

We need to make sure this happens and we need to make Obama a one-term President, as we cannot take another four years of his policies and huge growth in the federal government. I personally will be voting for Mitt Romney as it looks like he will be the Republican nominee, though I would vote for whomever the Republican nominee is.

We need to put pressure on the political leaders on this issue and people need to avoid the mistake of continuing to support Obama. Also, the IRS will be involved in the management of Obama’s health care law and that is just one of many reasons why it must be repealed. The Supreme Court said it is a tax and we don’t need to be paying more taxes.

Join in the effort to repeal this misguided law that will limit medical care and will also effect small employers who will have to provide medical insurance if they have 50 or more employees, and also to replace Obama as President and put pressure on the politicians to act on this.

Patrick Switzer