Defending self fundamental right

Regarding the Sunday Viewpoints commentary, “Dangerous gun laws”: Castle doctrine and stand-your-ground laws are made to protect victims of crime from zealous or malicious prosecution when having to defend yourself from attack. Prosecutors and the associated criminal justice system are paid with tax dollars to obtain convictions; they are not paid to defend victims or directly protect the public.

It is why these laws exist, they allow a prosecutor to avoid charges of manslaughter when victims of home invasion, assault or rape defend themselves with lethal force.

The ability to defend oneself from attack is a fundamental human right, if you give up that right or it is taken away, you might as well hang a sign around your neck that says “slave.”

I also think having an 11×7 color picture of a gun, with a purposely inflammatory headline above the fold is a waste of space. If you’re going to have pictures in the Viewpoints section, stick to editorial cartoons, at least it’s relevant.

Michael Meisner