Democrats clearly seek illegal votes

This is in response to Sunday’s letter on voting, “Hard-fought right being eaten away”: The author cites one of our cherished freedoms as being the right to vote. His Democrat buddies have made a joke of this right by insisting that requiring voter ID is discriminatory to minorities and the elderly. He mentions Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania, all swing states. Apparently he is not aware that all three states have made special accommodations for these folks. If they are in fact legal citizens and can’t afford to pay for the required voter ID they would be supplied one at no cost.

It is clear that the Democrats’ motive is to let illegal aliens vote. We are all tired of hearing it but, I will say it again, “You can’t get a drivers license, credit card, bank account or catch a plane without showing an ID.” Why then would it not follow that a voter ID would be required to vote. The author ends with the statement “Abraham Lincoln would weep at the behavior of certain Republican officials.” He would indeed weep, at what Barck Obama and the Democrats have done to destroy the Constitution, rule of law and the financial future of our once great country.

Don Williamson