Democrats need longer memory

Regarding the letter, “Don’t reverse our steady progress”: I, too, cannot believe what voters have forgotten “in just four short years” … like how George Bush “inherited” a falling economy called the “dot com bubble” from the late 90s, which the Democrats hailed with “it’s the economy stupid,” which proved itself to be a “stupid economy.” And then there were national security deficits that let “911” set up under Clinton in the 90s. He was just too busy with “interns” and “making excuses” to be bothered with “little things” like “national security”. In 1996 and in 2000, the al-Qaida killers who flew the airplanes were here taking flying lessons in our flight schools minus the “take-off and landing parts” according to the “911 Commission Report.”

We saw a similar negligence recently at the embassy in Libya.

Let’s not forget the real “Democrat” record…

Clark Chase