Demonizing rich reaps nothing

Eugene Robinson’s point that we are “all in this together” is well taken. (Tuesday column, “Campaign shrugs off ordinary guy”).

Too bad he had to jump off the rails with yet more blather about the differences between the wealthy and the rest of us in his assault on Romney’s choice of Ryan for VP, the Democrats’ only apparent tactic beyond name-calling in this election cycle.

Demonizing the wealthy has always been popular among the non-thinking. That mindset produced such wonderful happenings as the French and Russian revolutions, and I’ll leave it to the self-proclaimed intellectuals of this region to turn a few pages to find out how those events turned out. A heavy dose of conscious thought is apparently needed. It has been said before, but it obviously bears repeating: without the wealthy in this society, there are no jobs, period.

Further, if Robinson gets his way and Romney is defeated, the Dems will go after taxing those wealthy scoundrels right out of this country — which is precisely where all the whiners would go with their own windfall Lotto wealth if it ever came their way, leaving no one capable of affording the high price tag of taking care of the poor and downtrodden Robinson weeps for.

The Democrats incessantly pound this so-called economic division as being the reason you should vote for them. The Republicans support the rich and the Democrats are the little guys’ pal, according to them. I wonder when Eugene and some of those afore-mentioned intellectuals are going to finally figure out how their party’s continued lust for higher taxes on property, gas, and retail sales affect the very same unemployed little guy they so arrogantly claim to have concern for when the wealthy are all living in Ecuador and he’s joined in the Welfare line by even more unemployed people, for whom the handouts will eventually disappear?

Dennis Fishel

Lake Forest Park