Dennis and the menace

Dennis, a menace

The Worm turns: Dennis Rodman, former NBA star and self-made ambassador to despots, drew criticism for blaming a Lynnwood man for his own imprisonment by North Korea and its Dear Leader Kim Jong Un. Rodman is in the country to play an exhibition basketball game against the North Korean national team (Page A8).

Dennis, a word of advice: If you defeat the North Koreans, decline Kim’s invitation to play with his dogs.

A biting wind: Frigid temperatures caused by a polar vortex continue to grip much of the country, including in Atlanta, Ga., where the mercury fell to 7 degrees (Page A8).

Meanwhile in Hollywood, producers of the “Sharknado” movies began working feverishly on “Polar Bear Vortex.”

Queasy queso: Kraft Foods says customers may be having difficulty finding Velveeta cheese in stores. Kraft didn’t explain the shortage, but it has been airing commercials during NFL playoff games for a chili con queso dip made with Velveeta (Page A9).

Kraft also has been running commercials that show other uses for Velveeta, including as a substitute for packing material, construction blocks, fluorescent orange flotation devices and yoga mats.

—Jon Bauer, Herald staff