Deputy failed, not the firearms safe

Regarding the article, “Lawmakers push gun-safety bill”: As a tax-paying citizen, I was surprised that I (we) buy our police gun safes for their homes. I read the article in The Herald about Officer Ed Owens and the tragic death of his 3-year-old daughter by his loaded, not trigger-locked, safety-off gun stored in what he considered and “reported” to be a “faulty” safe.

Well, how could he risk the lives of his family having this faulty safe in his home? Why didn’t he buy his own safe and deal with the finances with the county later? Why does Clark County become responsible for his lack of professional and personal judgment?

Perhaps, since we the people pay his union dues (a previous Herald article), the finger-pointing union should buy the safes. Then, the union wouldn’t need to file ridiculous million-dollar lawsuits on behalf of a member’s irresponsibility.

The very idea that legislators are considering a bill that would protect the safety of police officers’ children in their private homes is absurd. The men and women of law enforcement should be the examples for all of us when it comes to safety and proper storage of weapons. Owens failed, not the safe!

Kay Heller