Details needed on marina purchase

After returning home from a trip, I was scanning my newspapers and came across an article concerning the city of Marysville purchasing the old Geddes Marina. The June 21 article ended stating that the purchase price was not disclosed because the deal was not final.

The residents of Marysville should be informed of the cost of such a purchase long before the deal is final. If the City Council has the right to make purchases of this nature without informing the residents of the costs involved, that needs to be changed.

Every government office, from cities to national, is experiencing financial dificulties. There seems to be a total lack of concern among our city officials when it comes to spending, but then it is always easier to spend someone else’s money.

One thing they could do would be to spend a few cents on a bulk mailing to residents informing them of out of the ordinary plans to make large purchases. The average person doesn’t have the time to haunt City Council meetings and the members know they won’t have to answer to the masses, but we still have the right to be informed.

So what’s up, Marysville? Are there any residents out there who know how much the council is planning to spend on this project? If so, please let the rest of us know.

Cheryl Hammer