Directors need soul searching

Regarding the Everett School Board’s continued wrangling: Citizens should take a look at all the favorable press our Everett School District receives involving the education of our children, the many achievements of our students and all of the thoughtful effort of our parents and supporters going forward.

The only bad press seems to always be attributed to our own Everett School Board, and the problems appear to continue with the same topic. This continued wrangling is not impressive and it does not contribute to progress. It is not a citizen’s duty to determine which board members are right or wrong, nor to assess the administration of district policy. We leave that up to and trust the people we elect to simply do the right thing in our behalf. Can we agree this continued conflict detracts from their oath of office and duty to serve in the public interest? I ask each of the school directors to do a little soul searching and find some rational compromise to carry this ridiculous ongoing conflict to a speedy conclusion. All of this wrangling does not make us a laughing stock, contrary to the latest article, it merely portrays their representation and leadership as self-serving. That is sad, very sad.

Ron Pooler Sr.