Dishonest to fault Obama for all ills

In response to the Republican lady who is barely making it on Social Security with no other pension and low return on her CDs and blames Obama for all her problems, I can only ask: Where has she been? (Monday letter, “Remove intrusion by government.”)

We had eight years of Republican control of the White House and much of the time the legislative branch, during which taxes were lowered on wealth twice and most of the regulations on banking and markets were either done away with or not enforced. We fought two unfunded wars. As a result we had a collapse of the economy and near depression. This all happened before Obama even took office. The “TARP” Wall Street bail-out plan was begun by Bush and the captains of Wall Street that he called upon for help.

Since Obama took office the markets have stabilized and the Dow is up over 100 points for the day and near 13,000 as I write this. Automotive sales are booming and the unemployment rate is headed down at a snail’s pace, but it is headed down. Since Social Security is keeping this lady afloat, I would only ask which party she thinks brought about the concept and application of Social Security as the safety net for the elderly. Hint: It wasn’t the Republican Party — they opposed it and tried to get the Supreme Court to declare it unconstitutional as the current Republican Party is trying to do with so-called “Obamacare.”

So far I haven’t heard anything from Romney about what he is going to do to save or improve the economy except continue the Bush-era tax cuts (especially for the wealthy) and do away with “Obamacare.” The ignorance about political history and cause and effect in this nation is unbelievable. The need for more tax cuts and getting rid of “Obamacare” are the least of our problems. Over 80 percent of “Obamacare” hasn’t even been implemented yet and taxes are so low we can’t even fix roads or fund public retirement systems. I guess ignorance truly is bliss.

Clint Wright