Does this mean polygamy is next?

Wow, to think that I was concerned about the unemployment rate, home prices falling, the price of gasoline, and college tuition. To listen to the Democrat-controlled state Legislature and Congressman Jay Inslee, the top priority issue is legalizing homosexual marriages.

I realize that to be against it, one can be accused of being a homophobe, but I think I am listening to a number of homohostages. Is there anything that a Democrat disagrees with on the gay agenda? For those who wish to restructure marriage, what is their stand on legalizing polygamy? Are you not discriminating by making marriage for only two people?

Twenty-eight nations recognize polygamy as lawful. Where do the “fairness” experts stand on that, and what reasons, if any, do they have to disagree with it? The Islamic faith allows a man to have four wives. Are people religious bigots if they disagree with legalizing that? Once you start to change the meaning of marriage, where does it end?

Tom Tangen