Dogs, people grateful to Everett for fountain

There is an off-leash dog park at Loganberry Park near the Kasch Park field. It is a very nice place for dog owners to take their dogs, let them off their leash and play with other dogs.

It has been a desire for some time to have water there for the dogs and the people who come there. But there is no water fountain to use. Dogs are always thirsty, and the people who come would like a drink of water, too. Especially after the last two hot summers we had.

We, the dog lovers and owners, would like to thank Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson and the Everett City Council for installing a water fountain at the park. We attended a City Council meeting in early September and were told that it was in the plans. It would be about five weeks. And miraculously, it did appear and is working.

We also would like to thank Paul Kaftanski for his great help in having this become a reality. Mr. Paul Kaftanski is the director of Everett Parks and Recreation.

It is nice once in a while to hear of, and thank someone for, doing a great service to the community. Thanks again from all of us.

This is written on behalf of the dogs and people who can use this park and say “Thank you all very much.”

Harold E. Quinby and Lexus