Dogs provide all kinds of services

As a dog lover I was fascinated by the Tuesday letter where the writer was complaining about The Herald printing a story about a dog being brought back from Afghanistan to Everett and complaining about dogs in general. Frankly, with all the bad news on the front pages of our newspapers, I’m glad to see a heart-warming human interest story on the front pages once in awhile.

I guess this letter writer is unaware of the service that dogs all over the world provide to mankind, i.e., bomb-sniffing dogs at airports, drug-sniffing dogs at our borders, dogs that serve on the front lines of wars where they are wounded and even killed protecting our soldiers, dogs that aid and protect our law enforcement men and women, service dogs that help the seeing and hearing impaired and those with other health challenges, dogs that provide love and companionship (and protection) for families, those living alone and people in hospitals and care facilities. I could go on.

I don’t expect everyone to be a dog lover and irresponsible pet owners need to be held accountable for the damage or injuries that their pets cause but the benefit to humankind these animals provide far outweighs the occasional negative problems that may arise.

Mike Shouse