Don’t be fooled by ‘green’ answers

The Herald’s March 11 editorial by anonymous about gas prices, “Be skeptical of easy answers,” presents the opportunity to point out some differences between the outlook of liberals and conservatives.

The Democrat view is that gas prices are high because solutions are complex (see editorial) and should be handled by experts, i.e., the regime in power. Unfortunately, the regime’s solution, as voiced by Steven Chu, the president’s energy czar, is that gas prices need to get a lot higher, European style, like $10 per gallon!

Liberal lemmings nod sagely, saying that yes, that’s the answer, the president is right, we need to drive traditional fuel costs to economically infeasible levels to encourage “green” replacements. Consider the outcome if the president succeeds in forcing fossil fuel costs to twice or three times current levels. Do the “green” energy sources liberals and the president support so freely with our money magically step up and solve the need for fuels our fleet of cars, trucks and buses will run on? Of course not, we would simply be left with even more expensive marginal energy sources that can’t significantly replace oil.

The conservative Republican solution is a simple return to the three Rs — resolve, respect and return. Resolve to respect and return to the principles of our founding documents. Unleash America’s great strengths, individualism, faith and the free market, quit trying to micromanage the economy and watch America roar back from the brink and lend a hand to the rest of the world the way she has in the past!

Curt Greer