Don’t blame fun Forum recipes

It saddens me to read letters like Friday’s, “Forum recipes need lean update,” attacking the Forum recipes for not being healthy.

Much of what I believe is wrong with America today is reflected in this letter: It is someone else’s fault for anything going wrong. From this letter on obesity, to the lawsuits against the county when teenagers drive too fast for the road conditions, or against the National Forests when a child gets hurt in the wilderness, Americans want to blame someone else for life’s wrongs and preferably get money because of it. People, wake up!

As the Stevens Pass ski area repeats over and over again on its signs: You are responsible! Take ownership of your life and don’t count on the state to keep you safe, healthy, provide a living for you, etc. Use your own God-given common sense and keep authorities uninvolved in your life.

I absolutely love the recipes from The Herald’s Forum, especially the heritage-type ones, and my recipe drawer is filled with copies from the paper. You don’t have to make them if they don’t seem healthy enough for your lifestyle, but the community sharing of old family favorites is not only fun for diversified eating, but historical as well. They also serve the purpose of joining generations and communities together.

I enjoyed hearing back after asking my Depression-era parents if they had ever eaten the mashed potato candies featured not too long ago in the Forum. My son and his peers really enjoyed having 7-Up cake at his 15th birthday party — more tied in to my childhood than my parents’, but it was still fun to bring back these memories.

You are obese because of what you do to yourself: feeding your face more calories than your body needs with what exercise you get. Keep those recipes coming in the Forum; it is a reason I find my subscription to The Herald very worthwhile.

Susan Cole