Don’t ever give up on getting them back

On the cold, rainy evening of Nov. 20, “Taz” a young papillon dog went missing from 34th Street and Hoyt Avenue in Everett, where he and his owner were visiting. Heartbroken and concerned, people started a campaign looking for this dear little dog. Fliers, Craigslist, notifying veterinarian clinics,.. We exhausted everything in hopes of locating Taz. In our hearts we new he wanted to come home where people loved him.

Through the fliers, Taz was spotted on two occasions in a car parked near a restaurant at the Everett Marina, One gentleman was so concerned, he jotted down the license number and description of the vehicle. The other drove back to where the flier was posted, and confirmed that was the dog he saw in that car. He then called the telephone number on the flier.

I just thought letting Herald readers know, that miracles can happen after a pet goes missing. Don’t ever give up — Taz was missing five weeks and two days. A Happy ending.

Pat Schurman