Dorn shows rare character traits

Randy Dorn, state superintendent of public instruction, demonstrated character qualities rarely seen in today’s leaders — political, business or religious.

The first quality is, “I am no different from the citizens I was elected to serve. I am human. I make mistakes.” Second, Mr. Dorn went against legal advice and fessed up to his lack of good judgment and accepted the same judicial punishment as any other citizen. This is totally out of character for the vast majority of today’s leaders.

Third, Mr. Dorn had the courage and humility to say, “I am sorry” and asked for forgiveness. This is not a common character trait even among religious leaders. What is most impressive, he humbled himself to his premier customers — the students — and apologized for his unacceptable behavior and asked for their forgiveness. This is unprecedented.

Lastly, I don’t know Mr. Dorn or his politics, but I do believe he is now in a unique position to have more positive, impactful influence on students. He can teach them, and some of us, the lessons learned from his first-hand experience.

We are human and are going to make mistakes in life. The differentiation is the willingness to own up to the mistake, take your punishment, apologize and ask for forgiveness from those whom you have injured or disappointed. Then share your experience in a way that discourages others from making the same or similar mistakes.

Mr. Dorn is to be commended for his exemplary human and professional character qualities.

Wally Webster II